Dilemma of a female volunteer nurse…

March 18th, 2011 by Dianne Peña

For 8 months that I have been rendering my volunteer service at the OB-Gyne Ward in our institution… I am now starting to ask why… it isn’t my interest and it is not connected directly as to what I am studying now… this is what I have thought of…

Number 1- I am a SHE.
Number2- I have a VAGINA.
Number3- I just am A GIRL.

It’s true. Being a girl sucks and I think being in OB Ward is a redundancy in life already.
I am a novice nurse and I SOOOO want to learn something different other than the female reproductive system.

NO. This blogpost is not against anyone or anything. I actually have learned a lot with the 8 months that I have been assigned there. I have nothing against the people or the institution etc…

At this time, I just want to explore my options and hope that OPPORTUNITIES will be opened for a volunteer like me. Uhmm… perhaps a rotation or an employment opportunity? YES! :]

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2 Responses to “Dilemma of a female volunteer nurse…”

  1. Elaina Says:

    Hi, I’m planning to conduct a research about distance learning for nurses. I would like to ask for your participation in introducing about distance education based from your experience. thank you

  2. Dianne Peña Says:

    @elaina- you can email me @ dianne@littlenars.com regarding your concern. thank you!

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