My first ever face to face discussion at UPOU

July 19th, 2011 by Dianne Peña

Warning: This post if from my forum post. I just posted it in here so I could update. LOL. Proceed as you wish.

In 2 years that I have been in UPOU, it’s just last July 16, 2011 that I have experienced a first face to face discussion for MAN. Graduate school is different from the undergraduate one mainly because you are not treated as someone novice but as someone with a specialty (Cardiovascular Nursing). I was also delighted to see my classmates again and met new ones. We were more than 20 (i think) and some came from provinces.

Seating at one corner of the classroom, I felt uplifted because Dean Balabagno stressed out that we are not “just” a nurse. It was very timely because I was feeling low of myself due to problems I have encountered recently with my hospital duty.

Our discussion was free flowing that tackled modules 6-10. All the posts from our classmates before me covered the discussion perse. What amazed me was how she integrated all the topics in one simple activity she told us to write our parameters in dealing with high risk, acutely ill, chronically ill and rehabilitative clients then from there she took off. I was like “Oh, nasa module 7 na tayo… ambilis…”. She patterned our discussion with the nursing process.

Risk factors (modifiable and non-modifiable) identification is important because each individual is unique. A middle adult compared to old adult has a better compensatory mechanism. She said that when a patient walks in, you will already know that “Ah, this is a cardiovascular patient!” due to his physical appearance and with general survey.

Dean also said that we must be aware of our own blood pressure, our BMI, waistline, waist-hip ratio as well as with our respective family especially if we know that we already have risks. Cardiovascular disease is preventable with proper health teaching, clean living (no smoking and alcohol drinking), exercise and nutrition.

We must be equipped with the competencies a cardiovascular nurse must possess. Critical Thinking, good assessment (history taking and physical examination), knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the capability to detect normal to abnormal findings, collaboration with the doctors for diagnostic exams, updates with the current management/treatment for each cardiovascular disease, applies evidence based practice in nursing like the bio-behavioral techniques in coordination with the government’s program to combat these problems, ability to conduct health teachings appropriate for the level of our clients and a holistic approach to patient care.

She also discussed the possible nursing diagnosis for each heart disease. She said that we should familiarize ourselves with DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) and JNC VII. She added that health teachings for the client should be family based approach for better compliance.

With our study session, I was pressured to read a lot because I was behind chapters that were discussed. I felt that being a nurse has a big responsibility especially that we are the frontliners to our clients both well and with health problems.

Tip for exam: We should know the assessment parameters for each disease tackled in module 6-10, rationale behind or pathophysiologic rationale and how is it measured or elicited. She said that narratives will be included and our FMA1 is a form of review. (That is why I am planning to answer it before the exam.) Good luck and God Bless to us!

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3 Responses to “My first ever face to face discussion at UPOU”

  1. BJ369 Says:

    … think about this.

    you’re not just a nurse:
    who finds advantage, looks for opportunities, and develops strategies.

    discover, that you may believe; instill the attributes that you may know how to; and eventually manifest, what it really takes to be a ‘nurse.’

    Happy Birthday!

  2. julette dadal Says:

    Hello po. I happen to read your entry that mentioned about the book doctor to the barrios.
    i would like to know if where can i buy a copy of that book? i could not find a copy here in our city… looking forward to your reply..

  3. Dianne Peña Says:

    @BJ369 Hello! Thank you for your greeting Papa. I think I just need more experience in learning the art of “Nursing”. God Bless!

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