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Littlenars tried the Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

On a personal note, I would like to tell you my readers that my relationship with Nigel (my boyfriend) is not that “romantic” kind of thing, girls would fantasize about… We are like best friends and lovers at the same time. I could enumerate circumstances but I’d rather not but I this I tell you… we may even be classified as an “odd” couple for that matter.

Then one day (or night), we decided to be a “normal” couple…

So how about a lovely dinner by the bay… where you can enjoy the cruise along the Manila Bay for almost 1 and a half hour with a live music to serenade you as you eat…

Warning: Do not attempt this stunt if you have motion sickness.

The awkward-haggard faces upon arriving…

Upon arriving at the upper deck of the cruise, “awkwardness” took its place. Tables were formally arranged with all the other couples celebrating their anniversaries and what not. We were not used to that formal dinner for “couples” we just enjoy the comforts of fast foods and restaurants nearby. Yes, this experience is for a change.

Anyhow, we managed… As the cruise started and the music begins to serenade us…

The food was served. This is not a buffet style dinner. Only one plate with one serving for each person complete with desert. No table set-up but the ambiance as we cruise along the bay was enough for the night. The food was okay. Nothing special, unless you pre-requested it to be arranged.

As you know, Manila Bay has this distinct smell but during that time, we didn’t even notice it. Nigel and I conversed as we eat… but as soon as we finished, the waters become rough and the people (older people) started to get dizzy and was all over the place…

The highlight of the night was when the rain poured after 45 minutes of cruising I guess… We didn’t expect it but Nigel and I were noticing the other far side of the bay seemed to be raining already…

We didn’t care of the slight rain, we enjoyed the city lights and the lively SM Mall of Asia but then it poured so hard we were forced to gather at one side of the mini cruise ship because the rain was soaking us already. The crew knew how to manage their costumers but the elders seem to be the problem (nervous breakdown, I guess).

We then went down to the lower deck so that we can be protected from the rain until we decked back to the shoreline.

Still managed to take a picture after the rain...

We didn’t get a discount for that matter but hey, the experience was worthwhile— adventure yet again.

And then I thought, Is that a bad omen for us being a “normal” couple? Nahhh…

Sometimes, we just can’t control everything happening in our lives. Let’s just enjoy our stay in this world while it lasts. Every time is a perfect time when you are with your loved one.


1. Visit Sun Cruises Inc. website and e-mail them regarding your preferred date. For the time you may choose from 4:30PM-5:45PM, 6:15PM-7:30PM, 8:00PM-9:15PM.

We chose the 6:15PM time slot because I thought that the sun sets at around 6PM but I was wrong. LOL. You can choose the earliest time so you can enjoy the Manila Bay sunset.

2. Pay the amount needed Php 550.00 per head.
3. Go to their docking area 30-45 minutes before the time.
4. Enjoy and take pictures.

Once again, thank you Sun Cruises for another good addition to our memory lane.

Pardon for the poor quality of pictures, I just used my cellphone camera.

Littlenars’ experience of the new UP Open University Online Registration System

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

For a distant “e-learner” student like me, I would always want things about school and needed for school be available online. UP Open University has been very good in providing things online… for instance, the e-book version of the modules, prompt answers to queries via e-mail etc.

The only thing not done in the web is the enrolment system… I would always ask our learning center coordinator for the fees then pay at the bank then “physically” go to the learning center for formal enrolling and claiming of my Form 5 (Certificate of Registration)…

But UPOU didn’t stop in providing students with excellent service…

Here comes the UPOU Online Registration System (ORS)…
For the new students, you are very lucky indeed that you don’t need to claim the enrolment keys etc. to your respective learning centers, you just need to go to the UPOU website.

I am not going to tell you the detailed step by step process here (UPOU management might have my blog down in case. LOL) but rather the first-hand experience of a first time user of their registration system.

It is not my first time to experience the online enrolment because we also have it at FEU during my undergrad years…

It is a known fact that when you chose to study at UPOU, you study at your own pace. You need to ask your program chair/coordinator first regarding the courses you can take or you are allowed to take for the coming semester. I tell you, they reply fast you won’t have a problem waiting.

Then after you are sure of the courses you are going to take (maximum of 6 units) but you can exceed if you were allowed to (some of my classmates were allowed considering their performances on their past subjects), you need to create an account at the UPOU website, Online Registration (ORS).

The step by step process was clear, easy and prompt. You won’t get lost. There is also a PDF file of the steps and the FAQs (frequently asked questions) you can read prior to registration online.

After selecting the subjects you would like to take, you can double check it. Mind you, there is no turning back. There will also be a breakdown of the total fees to be paid.

After you confirmed the said subjects and fees, you will be partially enrolled or “in-process” status until you have uploaded the scanned copy of your payment receipt/slip.

There are several methods of payment via online through credit card, any PNB branch inside and outside the Philippines, bank transfers/remittance centers, credit card through UPOU learning centers and UPOU Los Banos cashier office.

I chose the PNB mode of payment because there’s a PNB branch near home. I just had 2 copies of the payment slip, scanned the other copy and upload it to the ORS. After a day, my enrolment was confirmed via e-mail and yes, I am now a 3rd year MAN student! *Cheers*

As easy as one, two, three and as swift as a breeze.

ORS also includes the breakdown of your grades, profile, downloadable forms, student portal for questions etc.

However, the downside of this mode was that of “own printing” of Form 5. It doesn’t seem legit to “others” if you submit it as proof of your enrollment. I suggest there should be a note there that it is officially/electronically signed/printed or anything that would make it “legit” for that matter.

P.S I did by the way dropped by the learning center to claim my module even if it is uploaded in moodle. LOL

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