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On renewing IVT license at ANSAP…

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Another thing to renew as a nurse is the IVT (Intravenous Therapy) Licence from ANSAP (Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, Inc)

I personally prefer renewing my license at ANSAP office for easy and quick processing (just a little costly than other institutions though).You can get your renewed IVT card after your 3rd day of seminar and not wait for months in other institution. Save yourself the agony of confirming or going back several times…

Why is it important for you to renew your IVT card?
(for registered nurses, staff nurses, doing bedside care, any job/work dealing with intravenous fluids, intravenous medications (yes, even administering intravenous glutathione)
1. According to the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173) the administration of parenteral injection is in the scope of nursing practice. ANSAP believes that the certification of IV therapist will be continued for safe nursing practice.
2. The Philippine Nursing Act of 1991 Section 28 (RA 7164) states that administration of IV injections requires special training
3. Most government and private hospitals prefer RNs who are IV therapy-certified.

When to renew your license?
So, the ANSAP IVT card expires after 3 years within your birth month and you are required to attend 24 hours of Continuing Education units accredited by ANSAP, which means you have to attend 3 days of IVT Update seminar at an ANSAP accredited institution or ANSAP main office perse and present 3 certificate of attendance during renewal process. You can still renew your license for the whole year within the expiration year. If you weren’t able to renew within the expiration year, you have to attend again the 3-day basic IVT program. I think that’s enough period to renew our IVT licenses.

How to renew your license at the ANSAP Main Office
1. Go to their website (
2. Click the 3-day refresher course on IV Therapy on the right side of the website
3. Choose your preferred dates. It depends on your preference if you want to attend just one seminar per month, 3 days straight etc. as long as you have a total of 3 seminars (24 units) of IV Update when you apply for renewal
4. Click the IV Therapy refresher course application form on the lower right corner of the website
5. Fill up the form completely to be able to reserve a slot (for the payment options, leave it blank. You can apply first and your payment is to follow)
6. Send and wait for the confirmation email or SMS from ANSAP

What are the requirements that you need for IVT license renewal?

1.Original IVT Card
2.Original and photocopy of Certificates of Attendance of IVT Therapy Updates which are equivalent to 24hrs/CEU as approved by ANSAP Institute (This will be given every after seminar you’ve attended at ANSAP main office)
3.Two (2) recent 2×2 pictures with light green background (You can avail and have your photo at ANSAP main office for 30 pesos)
4.Original and photocopy of PRC License
5.Payment of IV Card renewal is P400.00
Payment for IVT Update seminar per day is 700 pesos inclusive of hand-outs and meals.

Bring requirements 1-5 on your last day.

How to go to ANSAP office?
Their office address is at No. 1 Diamond St. cor. A. Rodriguez Carmel V Subdivision Tandang Sora, Quezon City

1. GO TO TRINOMA OR SM CITY NORTH EDSA/WEST (I think, most of us knows how to go to Trinoma)
2. If you are at Trinoma, go to the front, main entrance and find the stand alone McDonalds Mindanao Avenue
3. Cross the street and ride a jeepney with routes NIA-NPC
4. Tell the jeepney driver to stop at TANDANG SORA BARANGGAY HALL
5. Your jeepney ride will only take 10-15 minutes or less. Look at your right side.
6. Landmark is ST. JAMES COLLEGE on the left.

2012-12-12 14.07.58
7. Alight at TANDANG SORA BARANGGAY HALL . ANSAP is a short walk from the Baranggay Hall to the right.

2012-12-12 14.06.14
8. When you see the yellow building with brown gate… That is it. Enter.

I renewed my IVT card with my colleague and friend from work, batchmate at FEU… RJ Regudo.

Going home while going up the foot bridge…

2012-12-12 14.08.57RJ: Friend, natatakot ako…

Me: Bakit may fear of heights ka?

RJ: Hindi friend, meron akong fear of falling…

Me: Ayos! HAHAHA

So that’s it. I hope this post helped you.

***Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by ANSAP

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