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Littlenars’ Perks of being a distance learner at UP Open University

Friday, September 27th, 2013

If you are a follower of this blog, it’s not new to you that I have been studying my masters (Master of Arts in Nursing) at University of the Philippines Open University and I am now on (hopefully) my last year as a distance education learner.

I have been a distance learner for 3 years now and thus, I am making this blog post to encourage you with all its benefits.

5. No time pressure (unless you want to put pressure on yourself) – it’s not that UP Open University wants you to be a delinquent student, but rather it lets you study “at your own phase”. It let’s you focus on your “busy-slash-hectic” job schedules as it was really designed for. It gives you 7 years to finish your desired degrees with proper filing for a ‘leave of absence’ status. It has a structured/suggested time frame and it is up to you as to how you will push through with it.

P.S this is yet another GREAT slash VALID reason to use internet more and spend quality time with your beloved gadgets 🙂


4. No “dreaded” reportings (as what other masters program does) – you only have to attend Skype or YM chat sessions. Lucky if your professors wanted or scheduled a real “face-to-face” discussion. Yes, that perks relieves the shyness in me. This depends on you degree/course, as for the Master of Arts in Nursing students, we have a 3 to 4-day duty at UP- Philippine General Hospital as a final requirement in our major subject at the end of the semester. (P.S I really really really hate reportings!)



3. No toxic transactions– meaning, you don’t have to go to school just to have a transaction. We have an online enrollment system, an online forum-slash-classroom called “MyPortal” or “Moodle” exclusively for students and faculty. If you have any concerns, you just have to email the person in charge. Also, I would like to specify in here, how I submit my homeworks (some professors want a hard copy of assignments but usually, we just submit online too)… I have it delievered to my learning center via LBC. Though I just live within Manila. Yes, I don’t want to tire myself too much. Lol.


2. Classmates all over the world – Being an online (distance education) student, I have a lot of “off-shore” classmates, most of them OFWs in different countries. I was able to learn from their experiences. I gained friends too and have seen them during end of semester clinical duty. UP Open University enables you to enroll wherever you are, as long as you have an internet access to communicate with them. This is great for those who wanted to go back to studying despite of them not being in our country or for those planning to go abroad and wants to continue finishing the degree abroad. Some programs in other schools doesn’t allow it.


1. Independence – Look where it got Littlenars? It’s not about bragging but I just couldn’t believe that I have finished all my academic subjects for this degree without realizing the time that has passed. It does interrupt with work but not most of the time. I was enjoying, indeed. I developed independence as I do my assignments and finish those thick modules. It was hard to balance your time but I was able to develop self-discipline. You cannot finish this degree without being independent in learning every knowledge, skills and attitude. You would just tell yourself “Did I just do that?”, with a smile on your face.

Additional perks: You got all your time after work or during your off/rest days to sit back, relax, have a date and what not. Experience Life-Work-Balance.


Outing with UP Open University Classmates at Baler, Aurora

Outing with UP Open University Classmates at Baler, Aurora



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