Behind LittleNars

nurse-dianneHi! I am Dianne Kristin G. Peña, 19 years old, female, from Manila, Philippines. I am conscious, coherent and oriented with three spheres (date, time, and place). I have no signs of distress and Vital Signs within normal range.

Well, that’s a fact but kidding aside…

You can call me Dianne. I celebrate my birthday during the 27th day of July. Many people would ask me if I have a Chinese, Japanese or Korean blood, I would joke and answer yes but I honestly don’t have. I am a pure Filipino. Also, people often ask me if I have suitors or a boyfriend, well… I have none…*sigh then they would not believe it and I don’t understand why (I ask myself, do I look like I am joking? LOL!). I am Single (but I don’t know if I should say I am available, my mom would kill me…LOL! so may I say, Crushing instead? LOL!) I am the eldest in the family with two siblings namely Jeric and Roxanne but I looked like the youngest (seriously…). I am a Roman Catholic and I love God. I am a happy person and you can make me laugh easily, I have a shallow happiness (really)… I can easily make friends but I know the REAL ones and they are all that matters.

For some educational background, I am currently at my senior year taking up B.S Nursing at Far Eastern University, Manila and hoping to graduate 10 months from now (my mom is already excited). I graduated my primary and secondary schooling at St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City, formerly known as Our Lady of Grace Academy a private, non-sectarian catholic school. During my nursery years about 12 years back, I studied at Infant Jesus Learning Center, now known as In Jesus’ Care Learning Center also here in Caloocan City.

Honestly, I don’t know how will I introduce myself to you, there’s a lot you of things I can tell but there are a lot more that I STILL don’t know and need to find out. Quite deep huh?

Anyway, Writing is my passion. It is my portal of expressing myself in which in the real world I am having second thoughts in conveying (yeah, it’s because of judgements). In Nursing, there are a lot of paper works but it doesn’t entail your point of view rather the technicalities about the health status of your patient and so I made this blog. I can say that I am always online but you may not often see me online, meaning, I always surf the net but I seldom chat. I have been blogging for the past 2 years and my first blog was on Friendster, it’s obsolete though. I created my new blog, again sponsored by my brother; Jeric entitled ColoringBACKmyroom, which is my personal blog. My friends, I believe don’t read my blog but if ever they happen to read it, they will know the other side of me. LOL! I become shy when the people who are close to me reads my blog because as what I have said it is the different side of me. I am two different person you know?! but I am not suffering from a Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. LOL!

I know upon clicking this page you we’re wondering of who am I and why did I took up nursing. Oh well, those questions are the most frequently asked one but I’d rather give you this cliffhanger and make you return to my blog once in a while.

With my “toxic” schedule (yes, even students experience toxicity…) In fact, I can’t control my own schedule and so whenever I have time, I post many blog posts as possible, you can check it out at my other blog. I can’t promise that I would update this blog every now and then but I will surely give you stories and show you reality that will touch your lives which also touched mine. (Wow, with that, I just made myself TOXIC… argh!)

I am a daughter, a sister, a student, a friend and now a student nurse blogger I hope you will dream with me as I live my life with my chosen career.

I am Dianne, your student nurse for the day…
(as I would always say to my patients during duties…)