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iPhone 4 is now here :] Early Christmas gift?!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Just this day, my lil sister, Roxanne excitedly told me that iPhone 4 is already here. I was like, you go buy it and let me have your old iPhone. Lol!

I was never really a fan of Apple but I like how classy, stylish, elegant and useful it is for a techie person. Anyway, she told me how advanced this iPhone 4 is and I must admit I fell “inlove” with it too.

Each brand has made their own version of touch screen phones or I must say “iphone-ish” look and features. However, they will never beat Apple because iPhone is iPhone and iPhone 4 is here for you to explore and enjoy.

The iPhone 4 have these interesting features all in one phone:

  • Video call or what they call “FaceTime”, since it has 2 cameras one focused to you and one to everything/everyone else
  • High resolution and sharpest phone screen you can ever have which they call, RetinaDisplay
  • Multi-tasking feature, in which, you can use different apps simultaneously
  • High Definition Video recording and editing function, perfect for capturing those precious moments with your friends and loved ones
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash, for an iPhone, it is definitely an upgrade.

There is so much more to learn about iPhone 4 here. It is perfect not only for entertainment purposes and reaching out to your loved ones but also for business.

Globe launched the iPhone 4 in the country last, September 24,2010 with a range of customizable plans designed for iPhone customers. What’s more is that you can experience iPhone 4 through booths at Greenbelt and Glorietta.

The full pricing and availability details for iPhone 4 in the Philippines will be available soon on their website.

I now know what I want for Christmas. AHEM! :]]

Canvassing for a new phone online…

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Now that the world is going “cyber”… that every transaction can be made online and in the comforts of your homes, people now venture on buy and sell business online. is an online market place where you can find your next car, house, gadget, job or even business, you can also promote if you got house for sale or simply just anything. The great thing about is that you can access products from every part of the Philippines from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao, just select the location you like.

Few days ago, my Nokia e71 got busted and now, I lost all my contacts and I really missed my phone, no wi-fi, no chitchats with friends…. just nothing, good thing my brother Jeric suggested to look for a new phone replacement online, i bought the idea and then I checked out and found what I’ve been looking for… Hopefully, my mum would approve :]

As they say, the easiest and cheapest way to promote your business is to invade the worldwide web and is one means of getting into it. As people cope up with the fast pacing society, going to malls and waiting for a long queue in line is a big no-no. I too want to use my time efficiently, and one way to maximize my time is to go for online shopping, finding what you want and be stress-free.

Another great thing about online shopping is that you can purchase things that are unique (coz I really hate to bump to other people who have the same clothes as mine), not only its is unique, you can bargain and make your own “tawad”…

Looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise? Try Island Rose.

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I am sure most (but not including me. LOL) are planning for creative and unique surprises, parties, dates and what not to celebrate this “sugary” event.

Valentine’s day is celebrated just once in a year that is why lovers, “it’s complicated”, couples, partners, “friends” would try their best to make it extra special and worth remembering.

Whenever we think of Valentine’s Day, Roses and Chocolates always come first in our minds. Every girl has their own bouquet of flowers in different kind, style, color and sizes. I mean, if you are walking caught without even just a single flower on “V-Day” you will find yourself… well, let’s just say, out of place.

However, due to the law of supply and demand, we find prices of flowers and chocolates sky rocketing since many are purchasing it. Many would rush to “Dangwa” to buy fresh flowers of any kind.

Save yourself to the long queue of line, stress, time and effort in buying flowers for your “girl”. I found a perfect idea for you to try.

Island Rose is an online flower delivery in the Philippines which offers high quality roses that is straight from the farm with the freshest and widest selection of genuine Island Rose products at the fairest prices. They cater every flower that is suitable for your loved one. is the official e-commerce site of the Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) – the largest retailer and wholesaler of roses in the country.

All their flowers are imported from Europe and grown in their farm here in the Philippines. Flower bouquets are delivered in bud stage beautifully bunched and wrapped in Island Rose packaging with a personalized greeting card.

They deliver flowers to the Philippines via their partners, LBC, DHL, and Fedex (Air 21) so it is rest assured that it will arrive at your loved one safe and sound. This is a perfect surprise for those who are in a long distance relationship or even for those who can’t really make it that day even if you are not physically present. What’s great about Island Rose is that you can send gifts to the Philippines at anytime, anywhere and for every occasion.


Interested buyers for Valentines Day can use this 10% discount code: VDAY022010

(This discount code is valid until February 20).

What are you waiting for? Just go to the website, click, then order.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Capture the moments with Buddy Gancenia Video Production and Services

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

People are fond of taking photos, videos, and things from the places, events, and gatherings as memorabilia and souvenirs to their awesome experiences. We want to capture every part and highlights of these experiences to relive and reminisce with the same fondness and delight.

Important memories from birth to death, from friendship to building a family together, from entering pre-school to college graduation, birthdays, out of town trips, corporate events and a lot more… Photos, Videos, Souvenirs are always present.

We keep them for reference and documentation, as memorabilia, to advertise, to entertain… and for any other purposes we wish to do. I must admit I am guilty of posting it on Facebook, Multiply and my blog to share with everyone.

Most of the time we do videos and take pictures by ourselves but with some circumstances we hire professionals to do the job.

Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines. He is highly experienced in producing and editing corporate, events and wedding videos. In turn, also have worked in several TV stations and its shows. He offers video coverage services that are unique and creatively done to cater your needs.

Buddy Gancenia can also produce corporate video for you company and business events as well as wedding video, if you want to have a “reality TV” touch in your own wedding.

Watch this teaser then you’ll know…

Reality Wedding Video in the Philippines by Buddy Gancenia

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Weddings have always been a tuning point in one’s life, which is why we want to savor and capture as much moment as we want to remember— from preparations, finishing touches the day before the wedding, walking down the aisle, the moment you say I do, to the kissing scene and the reception.

As we breakthrough the contemporary era today, Weddings also have its own innovations and styles. From the creative motif, program to artistic souvenirs, we want our loved ones and guests to make the most pivotal part of our lives—the Wedding day to be worth remembering.

As we think of ways to do so and since reality TV shows are on the spotlight nowadays, why not make your own wedding day your own “reality TV show”. It is a known fact that we are fond of documenting the highlights of our lives and we event hire people to do it for us.

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia (wedding videographer in the Philippines), is the first and only Documentary-Reality Wedding Video producers in the Philippines’ – and in the world.

Picture 3

There are so many wedding videographers out there that you can hire for the same rates but offers you the same old, traditional “wedding videos”.

Make your wedding video in the Philippines a distinctive presentation and a professional feel, much like a TV reality show that is beyond the traditional music video-style production. There is no content sacrificed. Interviews, behind-the-scenes footages, and unexpected occurrences are put as part of the story. It’s as real as it gets.

The videos for wedding that they produce are highly personal and unique. No two Reality Wedding Videos are alike. You might want to watch this sample video and see that I am not bluffing.

Interested now? Check out their rates and services here.

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