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Facebook Nurses’ BLACK-OUT 2011

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Ever wonder why your friends suddenly change their Facebook profile pictures to BLACK with their Facebook status stating : “Over 200,000 nurses are unemployed, underemployed & abused in the Philippines. Many of us are overworked but extremely underpaid. Help us gather awareness & support by changing your profile picture to pitch black from January 01-11,2011. It is time we take care of our prime care professionals! Appreciate your Nurses, take care of them – like they take care of you. Join the campaign now! []”???

Check if they are nurses… if they are. This post might give answer to your query.

The “BLACK-OUT” is in support for AYNLA’s (Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc.), a national registered organization of nurse leaders & advocates in the Philippines—- Nurses Black-out campaign 2011.

This is for every nurses’ endeavour, cause or advocacy…

They came up with the advocacy particularly to utilize social media as a tool for nurses’ rights awareness building, initiate social & mass mobilizations in relation to the protection of nurses’ rights and to garner support from individuals, organizations and communities to end all forms of discrimination and abuse to nurses in the workplaces and communities.

Increasing number of nurses has always been a problem (or shall I say, is becoming a crisis) but why just now? According to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) our country already produced 200,000 unemployed and underemployed RN’s in the year 2010.

It is ironic that the Philippines is one of the top exporter of their own skilled, professional nurses but the country, itself is lacking of many nurses to take care of the communities and the society.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities acknowledge their shortage of nurses but fails to hire more because of proclaimed budget constraints. This leaves dozens of nurses flooding in workplaces other than in the field of nursing like call centers.

Many new nurses, wanting to gain hospital/clinical experience as a presumed key to international employment, offer their professional nursing services to the hospitals without getting paid. [Please insert my name here…]Yes, we are called “Volunteer Nurses” “OJT Nurses” “Nurse Trainees”… And yes to the fact that we pay for a “3-month” or “6-month” hospital experience.

This campaign period is from January 01 – 11, 2011. I know it’s a bit hard to change your profile picture to BLACK but it is for a good cause so why not join the cause?


LopezLink 2009 Year End Report

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Lopez Link is published monthly by Benpres Group Public Relations for the 16,000-strong workforce of the Lopez Group of Companies. Given the size and scope of the Lopez Group, the corporate communication team plays a crucial role in reporting the activities of the member companies, ensuring correct information is circulated, clarifying issues, and building employee morale. This newsletter serves as a “link” between all the Lopez companies and their employees. To be able to reach a wide range of audience, Lopez Link opened its online version at

Not only it is a newsletter but also you can express your musings in their forums. Various activities of the Lopez Group of Companies are reflected in this site. The latest update for this year, as most of us are interested, is the LopezLink 2009 Year End Report.

One of the activities reflected in this timeline was about the Knowledge Channel and Department of Education renew basic education tools development partnership that happened last November 7, 2009 during the 1st Knowledge Channel Stakeholders Awards (KOSA). The signed memorandum of agreement was a 10-year partnership for the nationwide development of basic education tools through the Knowledge Channel. Lopez-Bautista meanwhile urged stakeholders to join the foundation as it continues to broaden the reach of the program beyond the 2,000 schools that are presently connected to Knowledge Channel.

Also reflected on the LopezLink 2009 Year End Report was the launching of Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) with ABSCBN Foundation Inc. (AFI) managing director Gina Lopez at the helm. It aims to restore the environmental balance and get the water flowing again. I am glad that the Lopez Group of Companies advocates such environmental cause. I think everyone should be aware, concerned and involved in this project including Teaching the Save the Pasig Campaign to children since this is for their future.

2009 World Bazaar Schedule of Activities and Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

ABS-CBN, the Philippines biggest television network and Worldbex Services International, the country’s most successful exhibit organizer come together for the first time to present the longest-running and most successful Christmas bazaar in the country – the 9th World Bazaar Festival.

World Bazaar Festival will be open for shoppers from December 6 to December 14, 2009 at the World trade Center Manila. It has the best assortment of products and merchandise ranging from food, car accessories, fashion jewelry, toys, clothing, foot wear, plastic products and many more that paved way for upscale profits for long-time and first-time exhibitors in the yearly grand Christmas bazaar.

Since it is a joint project of ABS-CBN and Worldbex Services International, this 14-day event will feature a special Celebrity Village where shoppers can interact, meet and even buy items from their favorite stars. The village will feature artists and celebrities from ABS-CBN such as Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Gladys Reyes, Christopher Roxas, Rica Peralejo and Donita Rose, G-Force Dancers Sheryn Regis, Cris Pastor, Miguel Mendoza, Phoemela Baranda, Gretchen Fullido, Mariel Rodriguez, Nene Tamayo, Bea Saw, Ruben Gonzaga, Jason Gainza, Pokwang, among many others.


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