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UPOU-MAN Clinical practicum before another semester ends…

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Another semester at UP Open University has ended and I am very pleased to share to you my “experience” just before the semester ended…

In UPOU-Master of Arts in Nursing major in adult health nursing, we are required in our major subject (N260- Adult Health Nursing) to attend a 3-day clinical practicum at Philippine General Hospital by the end of the semester.

Since February, I was getting bored with what I do at work in our institution… It was like “the-same-old-cases”… Same environment… In simple terms, everything was a ROUTINE— boring routine. Then came March that gave all the DIFFERENCE. My first ever clinical practicum at Philippine General Hospital saved the month. I was very excited because “being a nurse” in PGH is a one-of-a-kind experience, plus the fact that I was assigned to the BURN UNIT. It was s actually one of my motivations in continuing my studies at UPOU.

I don’t know what to expect but to just seize the moment to finally meet my classmates, professor and apply what we basically have studied for the semester.

We were tasked to accomplish a comprehensive nursing history and physical assessment (without looking at the chart) for the first day, make a nursing care plan and do implementation the second day and to do evaluation and follow-up on the third day.

My 3-day clinical practicum was not easy for I have been assigned to a patient who had 45% total body surface area burn. He was intubated, considering his other contraptions, bedridden and restless. It was a challenge for me but I think I was able to get through.

I experienced to do wound dressing to a burn patient, which is new for me. The staff of PGH was very hospitable and kind to share with us their experiences and teach us especially in dealing with these kinds of patients.

My clinical practicum at PGH is like a fuel that made my system/engine start and keep on going. It was indeed a “Something new” experience. It was what I needed after all. Thank you to Prof. Rita Ramos, PGH staff and most especially, my “virtual-classmates-came-to-life” LOL.

The highlight of the season!

P.S After the wonderful experience, the dreaded clinical portfolio is next. I was in my highest toxicity level in making a cqse study for my patient. Fortunately, I was able to submit and so finally I can say…


Starting the second semester right…

Friday, November 26th, 2010

The start of the second semester didn’t really register in my system until I saw the course guide, reading materials, schedules and the requirements. I still have the hang of my semestral break without those thick modules and “neuron-depleting” FMAs.

Anyway, I must continue and finally set my mind to start reading and reading and reading and reading… Did I just typed “reading” 4x or 5? LOL.

My subjects for the second semester are Adult Health Nursing (N260) and Public Mental Health (IH 220). I was planning to take one subject but I changed my mind because I want to be on time and take all the subjects I can while I am just a volunteer nurse.

The class opened last November 6, 2010 and since then, I printed for I think a REAM of short bond paper for the reading materials. Good thing our printer is on continuous ink (which means I don’t have to worry on printing fees) and my mom has a “ream” of scratch paper to print on. Sadly, after a day of printing, our dear old printer bid its goodbye after serving its purpose for almost 2 years.

My mini-white board and corkboard is active again with writings and pins for schedules and things to read on. Sadly, I must let go the novel I was reading (House Rules by Jodi Picoult) and turn (and tear, yes tear or may I say RIP!) the pages of my modules again.

As with the proposed reading schedule, I must say, I am working really hard to keep on track because I don’t want to cram (like last semester) and overwhelm myself with numerous modules to read near deadline.

It is good to see familiar faces in both subjects I am taking as I read forums posts and I am very positive that I will finish this semester with pride.

So help me God. :]]

My first semester as a Distance Ed student @ UP Open University

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

After weeks (or months?) of my mum untiringly forcing me to blog about my UP Open University experience, I finally decided to write it now…

For a month now, I have been on vacation… [OFF] from thick modules, supplemental books, home works, essays and forums. I am back to reading novels again and going out with my friends.

To recall my “first time” experience as a distance education student AKA “online” student let me give you my bulleted (yes, its bulleted for easy reading and writing. LOL) insight about it.

  • Time Management is the key to success. (I think, I am NEGATIVE at this part. LOL)
  • Experience in work and in life is important since you have to give and share examples in the application of the theories being tackled in the discussion/forums (I had difficulty in giving examples since I got little work experience compared to my classmates that is why I felt that my answers were “not that” substantial)
  • Comprehension and writing skills is a MUST-HAVE. There are a lot of reading and writing assignments. Assignments are not just about definition of terms and whatnot, you have to CONCEPTUALIZE, INTEGRATE, SYNTHESIZE etc. everything you have read from the modules and other reading materials in order to answer each question completely
  • Case Application is just a common type of test.
  • Patience is a virtue. —– Patience in trying to find the answer to unanswerable question… LOL Kidding aside, it took me a long time searching and thinking (?) for answers to the given situation… ‘cause mind you, it’s not as simple as just typing the question to GOOGLE.
  • You must LOVE THE INTERNET! Internet contains everything you need, just know the proper keywords to use. However, just be careful because I had problems since some of my classmates (we were 100+ in our class) were just CTRL+C and CTRL+V-ing in our discussion forums. Be sure to…. Please refer to the next bullet.
  • PARAPHRASE. Avoid Plagiarism. Use proper credit and acknowledgement in everything that you submit. I had troubles since I am not used to putting my resources. Nevertheless, I learned as time passes.
  • Know how to follow RUBRICS. Rubrics is some sort of a criteria as to what the professor is looking for your answer since essays are really hard to grade. It gives you the specifics, just follow that and you will get a perfect score.
  • READ and FINISH THE MODULES. ‘Nuff said. I am a victim of my own laziness because I didn’t read one chapter then it was included in our final exam for 15 points. I barely answered that part. It was sad, reaaaally sad.

My first semester went well I guess (?), though, I still haven’t received my grades yet for my 2 subjects. The second semester will start by next week, and yes, I am now enrolled. I am quite POSITIVE for the next semester for I now, know the drills of being a DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENT.

Will add more bullets if ever my neurons thought of some. 😛

On chasing my timetable…

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Hi Guys.

Ok so I haven’t updated my blog since …… and I effin’ missed it. I have been [BUSY?] — Well.. I am still thinking of the right term to use… Hmmm.. OCCUPIED I guess? :] Ok, I have been occupied with reading and writing stuff. I am chasing my timetable and really, I WISH I HAVE PHOTOCOPIER’S ABILITY OR THE SCANNER’S so I could read fast in an instant and store the copy on my cranium. I even made a Google Calendar, printed it and posted it on my table but its not WORKING! T_T.  Its not that I don’t have time to go online, in fact I do because I am currently on Online schooling, if you have read my previous posts. It’s just that, I am updating Twitter and Facebook more often (I am so sorry Blog).

I am really fond of reading… well… reading NOVELS—not reading modules. I guess I am a MODULE CONVERT now. Gotta love my modules. I bring it every where I go so pardon my big bag :]

For the first few weeks, I developed a new habit— To tear my modules into pieces. And I think I am already good at it. No damaged pages. On checking our online classroom (Moodle), I don’t know if I will be delighted that I am not alone because of my classmates’ same sentiments or I will be intoxicated because of their our professor’s announcements of activities and my classmates’ posts about passing their homework and as to what module they are now in.

It got me thinking, AM I COPING or AM I NOT??? Well, I sure hope I am.

So sorry for my BLOG RANT. :] ‘Til my next post (Hopefully, its about adaptation already… :])

I am officially a Distance Education Learner :]

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Few months ago, I have been waiting for the approval of my MAN (Master of Arts in Nursing) application at University of the Philippines Open University… And finally, I got my most awaited letter containing this:

A lot of people may not know about University of the Philippines Open University and may think of it as a “fly by night” University of the Philippines school but it definitely ISN’T.

UP Open University is a National Center of Excellence in Open Learning and Distance Education that offers education opportunities to individuals aspiring for higher education and improved qualifications to for Filipinos who are unable to take advantage of traditional modes of education. In fact, my mum and brother is a UPOU graduate. For more information, click here.

Distance Education means you can learn at your own pace. You have to be disciplined in reading your modules, participating in online discussions and doing your assignment. I don’t expect it to be easy but then, thinking of what it will bring to my career after finishing this degree definitely inspired me a lot. On the bright side, I now have a reason to extend my online hours… JK. :]

Enrolling and receiving my 2.5 thick modules and having to maintain a GWA (General Weighted Average) of 2.0 brought me to a tachycardic state but I a person of determination. I won’t turn back. This is it!

This is a big step for my nursing career and I hope I can make it out ALIVE. Haha!

—Student Mode [ON] —

I tore my module just so I can read the chapters when I am on duty.
I don’t want to carry those big books at work :]

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