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Seriously on HIATUS.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The Blogger ME is seriously on HIATUS right now.

Im soooo sorry for that, my dear blog.

Anyways, I would like to Congratulate my new colleagues for making it out alive 😛 Welcome to the world of Registered Nurses where BUMs, Underemployment, Unemployment, Non-stop training, Job/Hospital Hunting and VOLUNTEERISM starts.

Pardon me for sounding a LITTLE Sarcastic but yes, that’s the sad reality. Nevertheless, enjoy the feeling till it last! ? Say hello to your names at the broadsheet and tarpaulins for some :]


*Will not post the list of passers, top-performing schools etc anymore. LAZY. Sorry. LOL ?*

Top Performing Schools November 2009 Nursing Board Exam | Oath taking Schedule & Tickets

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Top Performing Schools November Nursing Board Exam |

For full list of passers click here.


Oathtaking tickets for the National Capital Region (NCR) and nearby regions
will be available at the:
Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)
at 1663 F.T. Benitez Street, Malate, Manila
Telephone Nos: 521-0937, 400-4430
Telefax 525-1596

Starting on:
February 15 to March 5, 2010 (Except Saturdays & Sundays)
from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ONLY!

Price: Php 250/head.
Only 2 tickets are allowed per RN (1 for RN, 1 for guest).

November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination Result

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

A total of 37, 527 out of 94,462 nursing graduates passed the November 2009 licensure examination

See full article here.

November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination Results


01/01/10— LittleNars’ 2009 Year-Ender Post

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Ok, so I was planning to do a WIN+FAIL list of the year 2009 and post it in this blog but yeah, procrastination and laziness corrupted my being and so I just ended up with the draft of it (just had it written in a yellow sheet of paper). Ok this counts in my FAIL list. I am thinking of just scanning my draft but I changed my mind. I just wanted for this year-ender post to be a WIN one. Yeah, this is my [LittleNars’] year-ender post.

Twenty-O-Nine was indeed my year, A Year of Life Changing Events.

[NSFW]  JK :]  Read through if you want to continue and want to know why…

2009 started filled with FUN at the same time TOXIC (really, that’s the “term”) moments— for the reason that I was a graduating student trying to spend every quality time with friends as much as possible while at the same time, meeting the deadlines and requirements for school.

Massive Case Studies… Dreaded Case Presentations… Thesis major revisions… Hypovolemia-causing Thesis defense (epistaxis=nose bleed!!!)… Tremors-causing revalidas/return demonstrations… Intracranial Pressure-rising Monthly Nursing Audit examination… (OK, I bet stop <<<– now.)

Lots of sleepovers due to above, Oh… did I mention sleep? It was rather, sleepLESS. On the bright side, lots of times to bond— gossip about school people, talk about anything we can’t talk about at school, or just doing school stuff while enjoying the company of each other… (Seriously, we really don’t have time to chitchat at school)

After all those tough, hardcore moments, (here’s the best part) I can’t believe we still had time to P-A-R-T-Y!

The greatness of LORD to me this year have brought these blessings:

  • College Graduation at the early part of the year…
  • Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam and Oath Taking at the mid part of the year…
  • —-INSERT BUMMER MODE HERE—– at the mid to the “almost” end part of the year… (Mostly, spent Facebook-ing)
  • Enrolled myself on a “Teacher Certification Program” (Yes, you got it right. I haven’t blogged about that yet but hopefully soon) and Got in for a Nurse Training Program in one hospital at the end part of the year…

In between those “Life-Changing” events, I also have fulfilled simple/little things like attended some nursing seminars/trainings, registered for 2010 election, opened a savings account, gone hospital hopping/submitted resume, and earned something in my own little ways…

With all those achievements (not to brag), I also felt confused… I almost lose hope… I felt indecisive… I felt rejected… I felt my self-esteem has been drained out from me… I was depressed— the feeling of being useless ‘cause you’re unemployed and *insert all self-demeaning things here* …

But as each day passes, I realized that this was just a phase in my life that I have to surpass. As I rise, my family, friends and most especially, God, here I am now, facing my year 2010 with my chin up and a big smile. I realized that I shouldn’t rush things because there is a right time for everything in this world. Just believe. I believed.

2009 made me gain friends and miss some… made me “mature” (well, at least for me)… made me independent… made me more responsible…

I hope year 2010 will be an awesome and splendid year for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of my H-U-G-E 2009. I wouldn’t have finished living this year without you. :]


And Oh… If you want to check out my 2008 year-ender post click here, here, here and here. (yes, It’s 4 parts. LOL)

Let’s rock 2010!
May GOD Almighty Bless Us All!

2009—-Now Signing Off!

I actually am convinced not to make a year-ended post but this year definitely deserved one and I was inspired by my good friend’s year-ender post and so, there!:]

P.S Part II
Please don’t ask me of my 2010 wish. It’s still under construction. [Having troubles of envisioning my 2010. I really don’t know what’s going to happen] Let’s just all wish for God’s will to ensue! :]

With all hopes high,
Dianne Kristin G. Peña, R.N
(Feels sOOOOoooo good to type that… :])

P.S Part III
I stopped jumping already. LOL!

My June 2009 Blog Archives

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

I would just like to share to you my blog posts during “The NLE Review Days” AKA The Toxic-Wasted-Haggard Days” As you can see, this blog was idle for one month. There were no post last June 2009. I don’t want to blog for that moment, I just want to be isolated from the cyber world and stuff but I can resist it. I need to have some outlet where I can spill the “s-t-r-e-s-s” that I was going through. Where did I place it? Here at Sandbox (it was a secret website during that time, I was the one of the “pilot” testers of this site). Anyway, here they (screen caps) are (notice the dates):





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