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One sunset by the beach…

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Are you in for some cheesy post? Let’s start December with some good vibes…


Nigel: Bakit ba gustong gusto niyo yung sunset? Ano bang maganda don?
Me: Hmmm… Sa iba… romantic, maganda yung color hue, drama… Para sakin, maganda kasi kasama kita… 🙂 <3
Nigel: Hmmm… Sabagay… *moves closer to me*

Top: Sunset taken at Ilocos Norte, Pagudpod
Bottom left most: Taken at Panglao Beach, Bohol
Bottom center: Taken at Saud Beach Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte
Bottom right: Taken at Baler, Aurora by Aileta Estalilla

Littlenars tried the Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

On a personal note, I would like to tell you my readers that my relationship with Nigel (my boyfriend) is not that “romantic” kind of thing, girls would fantasize about… We are like best friends and lovers at the same time. I could enumerate circumstances but I’d rather not but I this I tell you… we may even be classified as an “odd” couple for that matter.

Then one day (or night), we decided to be a “normal” couple…

So how about a lovely dinner by the bay… where you can enjoy the cruise along the Manila Bay for almost 1 and a half hour with a live music to serenade you as you eat…

Warning: Do not attempt this stunt if you have motion sickness.

The awkward-haggard faces upon arriving…

Upon arriving at the upper deck of the cruise, “awkwardness” took its place. Tables were formally arranged with all the other couples celebrating their anniversaries and what not. We were not used to that formal dinner for “couples” we just enjoy the comforts of fast foods and restaurants nearby. Yes, this experience is for a change.

Anyhow, we managed… As the cruise started and the music begins to serenade us…

The food was served. This is not a buffet style dinner. Only one plate with one serving for each person complete with desert. No table set-up but the ambiance as we cruise along the bay was enough for the night. The food was okay. Nothing special, unless you pre-requested it to be arranged.

As you know, Manila Bay has this distinct smell but during that time, we didn’t even notice it. Nigel and I conversed as we eat… but as soon as we finished, the waters become rough and the people (older people) started to get dizzy and was all over the place…

The highlight of the night was when the rain poured after 45 minutes of cruising I guess… We didn’t expect it but Nigel and I were noticing the other far side of the bay seemed to be raining already…

We didn’t care of the slight rain, we enjoyed the city lights and the lively SM Mall of Asia but then it poured so hard we were forced to gather at one side of the mini cruise ship because the rain was soaking us already. The crew knew how to manage their costumers but the elders seem to be the problem (nervous breakdown, I guess).

We then went down to the lower deck so that we can be protected from the rain until we decked back to the shoreline.

Still managed to take a picture after the rain...

We didn’t get a discount for that matter but hey, the experience was worthwhile— adventure yet again.

And then I thought, Is that a bad omen for us being a “normal” couple? Nahhh…

Sometimes, we just can’t control everything happening in our lives. Let’s just enjoy our stay in this world while it lasts. Every time is a perfect time when you are with your loved one.


1. Visit Sun Cruises Inc. website and e-mail them regarding your preferred date. For the time you may choose from 4:30PM-5:45PM, 6:15PM-7:30PM, 8:00PM-9:15PM.

We chose the 6:15PM time slot because I thought that the sun sets at around 6PM but I was wrong. LOL. You can choose the earliest time so you can enjoy the Manila Bay sunset.

2. Pay the amount needed Php 550.00 per head.
3. Go to their docking area 30-45 minutes before the time.
4. Enjoy and take pictures.

Once again, thank you Sun Cruises for another good addition to our memory lane.

Pardon for the poor quality of pictures, I just used my cellphone camera.

LittleNars’ Leisure Time: Corregidor Island Walking Tour

Monday, April 16th, 2012

After all the paper works and requirements at UPOU-MAN… finally, I was able to start my summer vacation.

Most people would tend to start their summer vacation at the beach, resorts etc… but my boyfriend and I chose to be cultural and nationalistic by going on a walking tour at Corregidor Islands, Philippines. Yes! They (Sun Cruises, Inc. Philippines) now offer walking tour instead of the typical tour riding a Tramvia bus to roam around the island.

That at the back is the Tramvia. Just for the photo.

We were able to enjoy the luxury of being the first to avail the said package thus, we experienced a “couple walking tour” exclusively with our tour guide-slash- “photographer”, Sir Bryan.

I was really interested in visiting Corregidor since time immemorial… My family is a fan of going into museums, walking tours and so I dragged my boyfriend to come and experience something different from the typical summer getaway.

Most would say that availing Corregidor Tour is expensive since you will be paying at around 2,300++ pesos per head for the day tour package and it is already equivalent to you going to Tagaytay with friends or Puerto Galera for that matter.

Some will also say that Corregidor tour is boring since it just deals with history and so exclusive with educational field trips done at school…

That connotation didn’t stop me… and so here I am sharing to you our Corregidor experience…

Before every trip we make, I always do some researching and inquiring online for tips and suggestions— which is a habit now. I am never a fan of calling, I prefer to do transactions on line and I don’t know why.

To start of, I searched the net for Corregidor tour packages… I found the Sun Cruise website but as you know, some websites doesn’t answer to inquiries right away and so, I looked them up on Facebook… Luckily, there they are, actively answering queries and all in their FB page. I added them, messaged them and poof! they did the reservation for me (they also have online reservation on their official website but when I tried it, there were bugs, I didn’t want to have extra charges on my mum’s credit card).

Initially, I inquired on the Corregidor Day tour package that cost 2,200 pesos plus fuel surcharge of 100 pesos for a total of 2,300 pesos per person. It includes a buffet lunch at the Corregidor Inn. It was quite expensive since I am with my boyfriend…

Then a few days after, they launched the Historical Walking Tour that was cheaper and for me, more enjoyable than the restricted tour via the Tramvia. The walking tour cost 1,688 pesos plus fuel surcharge of 100 pesos for a total of 1,788 pesos per head. However, this only has a packed lunch but mind you, the serving was big enough to cover for all the walking we endured.

I was left to pay on their BDO bank account (I don’t know if I should broadcast it here though…) anyway, you can message them on Facebook for that… After paying, you need to send them the receipt for proof of payment… The payment should be made 3 days before the travel date.

Then that’s it, you just need to arrive at the docking area 1 hour to 30 minutes before the boarding time from that matter, its 8:00AM. The docking area is located at the back of Folk Arts Theater, Roxas Boulevard. Click here for the map and instructions on how to get there.

Give your payment slip on the terminal office near the docking area then you will be provided with a sticker for identification purposes and Corregidor map and brochure.

The boat ride to Corregidor took an hour and 15 minutes but can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the waves of the sea. The ride was a bit shaky. Be ready with your “puke bag” but the boat personnel will be generous to give you one in case you needed it.

When we arrived at the port we met our tour guide, the original tour via tramvia buses but for us, we were fetched by a pick-up car to the first point of our walking tour.

Of course there are differences between the original day tour package with the walking tour package. For instance, some spots/area in the island were not covered because of time constraints and it was just not included in the package.

However, the advantages outweighed that part. We were able to trek the insides of the island were small barracks, offices and building ruins were located.

We were lucky to spot monkeys, fruit bats, butterflies in the insides of the island (you cannot enjoy that when you ride the tramvia bus)…

We also had the luxury to do bird watching, even saw a hawk (lawin), flying just above the barracks hunting for food perhaps.

The sun was hot but the breeze of the air was fresh and free-flowing, you can even smell the trees. You will not even feel sticky of sweat. I didn’t realize that my skin was slightly tanned until I went home. One thing I enjoyed most, because you can feel that you are away with the city.

With the walking tour, I must say that you have in control of you time to walk around the island with the tour guide… You can take pictures anywhere and pose in any way you want. Sir Bryan even acted as our photographer. Unlike with the original tour, time is limited (heard the bell calling the tourists) plus, you don’t have a competition with other people’s camera on the view you want to have your photo taken (if you know what I mean…)

The tour ended at 1PM and we are free to explore near by sites but there is an optional lights and sound show that we availed which, costs around 150 pesos per head at the Malinta tunnel.

Just after the show, you need to get back to the docking area at 2PM and head back to reality once again— Manila.

The walk was long and tiring but enjoying the island with your love was all worth it.

If you wanted to go to the beach, ride the newest attraction—ATV or do kayaking, I think you need to avail the overnight package.

We arrived at Manila before 4PM. It was still early and so we decided to go to Harbour Square walking distance nearby to enjoy some ice cream and enjoy the manila bay before the sun set.

Oh, before I forgot you need to be ready with sandwiches/snacks, water and extra shirt… wear comfortable shoes and as much as possible wear pants. You don’t want to end up having scratches and sore toes from hiking… 🙂 You can also bring umbrella, caps or hats… but we just used our sun glasses.

Thank you Sir Bryan and Sun Cruises for the wonderful tour.

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