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February is Adult Ward Month :]

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Wooah? No blogpost for the month of March? I must be very busy… or not? You be the judge :]

February is the Adult Ward month. There, I have met the most makulet, kwela and friendly staff nurses and Volunteer nurses at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center (well, at least for me :]) I have learned a lot, I have met different cases of patients that tested my knowledge, skills and attitude (niiiice :]). There, I was able to meet doctors that are willing to teach us and answer us if we have questions regarding the care for our patients. Being a nurse trainee for two months already, build up my confidence in dealing with patients and conversing with other health care team and hospital workers. I gained a lot of friends and acquaintances. Recalling my adult ward experiences…

  • Ironic as it may seem but my first patient was a pediatric…
    I learned how to drain everything that is drainable— Jackson Pratt, T-Tube, etc… (LOL.)
    I learned how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning IV line.
    I learned how to use an Infusion Pump
    I was able to insert an IV Catheter (for my patient and not just for completion of cases etc.)
    I was able to come up with a strategy in entering the patient’s room (conserving time/energy/effort)
    I was able to do ECG to my patient (but not interpreting it. It’s just pure nosebleed. LOL)
    I was able to administer chemotherapeutic drugs (but not preparing it, it’s a doctor thing to do)
    I was able to have a duty at the Adult Intensive Care Unit, though the patient is not that critical
    I was able to witness and assist in a bone marrow aspiration procedure
    I was able to admit a patient
    My achievement so far, I was able to assist my patient to the lobby via wheelchair that is bigger than me without assistance (I was afraid I might put my patient in danger. Haha)

I cannot enumerate everything but to sum it all up, my 12-hour duty at Adult Ward is very worth it and if given the chance, I would love to have my duty there again. Thank You ADULT WARD :]

I think, I lose 2 pounds there. Haha! I love it. :]

Goodbye OB ward, Hello Adult ward…

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Today marked the last day of my exposure to OB Ward. I will surely miss the staff nurses/volunteer nurses there. I learned a lot through them. I was able to handle patients with confidence (though, need more confidence still hihi). Too bad, we just had our duty for approximately 2 weeks. Just when I was getting to love everything about the ward, we were rotated to another. Or may I say… just when the ward increased its census, we were rotated to another. 😛

You will never forget your first exposure because it is your home—where you started. I will definitely DEFINITELY miss them.

This February, I am assigned to Adult Ward. New staff nurses/volunteer nurses and patients to deal with, new environment, new routine, new learning and experience. I hope they would also be nice to us. Also, new duty mates (Yes, I will miss the company of Dennis and Ibay— Wala na akong kasabay umuwi…:\).

So help me God :]

Hello Adult ward :]

The case presentation of our group was OK. Good thing we were the first to present because the other groups from other wards (Adult and Pedia) were really good. Their cases were really complex. LOL! We presented about Ectopic pregnancy since we handled OB cases.

I am now a believer of the theory “Use and Disuse”

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

CAUTION: This is an “EMO” post

No, Not really an “emo” = sad post… Well, more of sentiments…

What I am feeling now?

My brain is rusty. It’s declining (as well as this blog). My neurons are becoming stagnant.

I forgot a lot of Nursing stuff that I learned during my undergrad years (especially during my review days) and I seriously want to enrol myself in another review session. I mean, if you would ask me anything now, I will definitely answer “Sh*t! Alam ko yan dati eh. Nakalimutan ko na…” It’s depressing right?

When I was still studying, if you would ask me something about nursing, I would instantly answer back even when I am asleep. Seriously.

I am now a believer of the theory of “Use and Disuse”. Ooopsss. Let me get that clear. If you don’t use that particular knowledge, you forget about it. You might think that “If you don’t use your brain, it will shrink until it disappears…” well, partly. JK.

At some point, that made me feel less of myself. I should know that. I must not forget that. Confidence level diminished again.

I want to study Nursing again and most especially, I want to gain a lot of experience. I want to hone my skills. I want to be a professional “professional”. I want to learn. I want to lessen my mistakes in the area. I want to be confident. I don’t want to experience the tremors and the palpitations anymore but I know, I will be able to do that in time. I am still a novice. I hope to gain more experience and learning spontaneously (‘cause trainings will end—meaning to be a staff nurse sooner or later, for now) as I live through this career.

Ok. Enough now. Thank you for letting me waste your time. 😛

Thrilled by Dra. Fe Del Mundo :)

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I am soooooo grateful I had the chance to have a photo with one of our National Scientists in the Philippines, Dra. Fe Del Mundo. Who is she?

  • Filipino Pediatrician
  • First woman admitted as a student of the Harvard Medical School
  • founded the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines
  • Known for having devised an incubator made out of bamboo
  • National Scientist of the Philippines, the first Filipino woman to be so-named.

There are a lot of great stories about her works and service to the Filipino people, some unknown and some are yet to be known. I have talked to several staff nurses in her hospital and I knew that she is really an outstanding person and deserves everything she had accomplished.

Now, Dra. Fe Del Mundo is 98 years old, I had that picture taken because she conducted rounds in the hospital. She’s very beautiful and has good aura that day. I was very thankful and definitely thrilled. She joked “Dapat kung gaano kadami ang nagpapapicture ngayon sa akin, ganoon din ang pasyente natin…” we all laughed. The OB ward was benign that day but she really brightened our day.

The ward is still benign but I learned a lot, I made friends with the staff nurses and they are really very generous in teaching and sharing their experiences.

Next time, Dra. Fe will do rounds, I’ll have my photo taken with her, this time— Solo 🙂 with autograph! hihi.

Littlenars’ is now a Nurse Trainee :]

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Ohhh. I missed blogging. It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I’ve been busy with some “Career” Stuff. Anyway, Just for an update…

Last January 4, 2009, I started my 3-month training at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center (formerly, Children’s Medical Center) and for 1 week, we had orientation, some lectures and return demonstration (yes, you got it right, I had yet again a return demonstration and it turned out good so thank God). You can refer to my tweets for that. Hihi.

That was also the first time I wore a white uniform paired white pants (that I just bought at SM Home World). I was excited but at the moment I looked at myself on the mirror, I just said “DAMN! I looked like….. Never mind” but my mum is a hero and had it repaired. So, Yay! I finally looked like a NURSE (somehow). Haha!

January 11, 2010, I started my “official” duty in the OB-Gyne Ward for 1 month. I was assigned on a 12-hr night duty. Together with Dennis and Ibay, my new “group mates” and Ma’am Vangie, the staff nurse on duty.

OB Ward was benign last night, we only had 2 patients but the other patient was transferred on the early hours of the shift, so technically, we just had 1 patient. Nevertheless, the patient was VS Q1 and monitoring for uterine contractions and bleeding that is why we had something to do for the last 12 hours besides chitchatting and letter cutting for the ward.

I have done my charting (nurses’ notes), bed making, perineal care, room preparation, transferring of patient, requesting for laboratory exam, relaying of laboratory results to the attending physician, endorsement. Hmmmm…. What else? I think that’s it.

My Day 1 was an OK start, we didn’t sleep for the whole shift that’s why when I got home, I showered then immediately fell on a deep slumber. I foresee that my body clock will be disrupted again but yeah, I kinda missed it…LOL.

I am not saying I want more OB patients to come but I hope this month I can learn a lot.

2010 is starting out GOOD for me :] How about yours?

I better get going, will have a duty tonight and I am energized, thanks to my 6-hr sleep awhile ago. 🙂 Wish me luck!

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