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Friday, May 1st, 2009

Now that I am half through my formal review class, there is one thing that I realized…

It’s a good thing that FEU added the NURSING AUDIT in our curriculum because it became very advantageous for me since in my review, we are just tasked to answer test examinations and then the reviewers will just discuss the rationale behind the correct answers. If they will discuss the specific disease or topic, it is just brief due to time constraints.

I am very thankful that we had great reviewers and I had taken the lectures and the exams seriously (though, I am always late or even half day… hehehe!). Yes, I must admit that IT IS SOOOOOO D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T but it made me confident because I feel that Tamaraws really has an edge for that matter.

With that, I would like to share with you a text message containing some taglines of our reviewers, compiled, forwarded and revolved around FEU-IN BATCH 2009’s text messages. I, myself received this text message couple of times. This was made last February 2009.

“Hindi importante dito kung gaano kataas anf scores mo, ang mahalaga, natuto ka…”
– Maam Mhel
“Hindi hadlang anf below average lang na I.Q…”
– Sir Aliswag
“Para pumasa ka sa board exam, di pwedeng aral ng aral…”
– Maam Tan
“Matuto kayong mangaram mga AMBISYOSA…”
– Sir Nonog
“An intelligent person is the one who admits he doesn’t know ever-zeirything…”
– Sir Ranjo
“You’re not a chicken, you’re an eagle…”
– Sir Pondang
“Gawin mong inspirasyon si Bebe boy, Bebe girl…”
– Sir Asuncion
“Gwapo pala ang kuya mo, sana noon mo pa ko sinama sa bahay niyo, Beybeh…”
– Sir Laboy

When can I have a DUTY again?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

I know this is long been overdue. I would just like to share with you a text message that my classmate JONAS, had forwarded last February 2009.

As I recalled, this was the time that we we’re struggling for experiences.  We all can relate with this text message. Our graduation is fast approaching. We feel that we were running out of time because we don’t know as to when can we practice our profession again. I posted this because recently, I have been asking myself as when will I wear my nursing cap again? Is it Sooner or is it Later?

So here it is:

Panalangin ng isang FEU Nursing Student

Dear Lord,
Duty na naman. Sanama naman po huwang na kaming toxic-kin ng C.I sa kaka-Vital Signs at Charting. Bigyan niyo naman ako ng patient na pwede man lang mag-IV, NGT o kahit Catheter. Sawa na ako sa V/S Nursing. Ubos na din ang pera ko sa pamasahe papunta sa ospital na sobrang layo. Bukod sa walang case, minsan wala naman patient. Kung may patient naman, TB naman ang case.

Kamusta naman? Lord, sana po tumae ng cases ang kalabaw ng FEU. Di pa ako kumpleto ng OR at DR, meron nga Cord Care, bigay naman. Buti pa ang birhen ng Fatima, Milagrosa. Lahat sila may case. Ang kalabaw ng FEU, role model tuloy sa amin. Pati kami, endangered na. Pesteng Audit pa, mukhang maeextinct na kami bago mag-board.

Lord? Nakikinig ka ba? I guess you’re using silence as a form of therapeutic communication (naks.). Kuba na sila nanay at tatay. Huwag na sama kaming pabilhin ng bagong sapatos at uniform na isang beses lang naman gagamitin para sa grad. Ibis na pinangkain ko na lang yoon sa masasarap na kainan sa lerma, ibubulsa pa ng iba.

At higit sa lahat Lord, mahal ko ang school ko. Sana naman bago ako gumgraduate maramdaman ko din na mahal din ako ng FEU.


Wala bang ipopost mortem jan Lord?

Messages about Health and Life

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Here are some text messages I have received about health and about life…


1. No breakfast
2. Overeating
3. Smoking
4. High sugar consumpti0n
5. Air p0lluti0n
6. Sleep deprivati0n
7. Head c0vered while sleeping
8. W0rking brain during illness
9. Lacking in stimulating
10. Talking rarely

If this is true, I think I don’t have a brain anymore. LOL!

1. More veggies, less meat;
2. More vinegar,less salt;
3. More fruits,less sweets;
4. Chew more,eat less;
5. More water,less soda;
6. More deeds,less talk;
7. More sharing,less desires;
8. More walks,less rides;
9. More laughter,less anger
10. More prayers,no worries!Ü

I definitely believe in this quote. Prayer is the best.

Another batch of Nursing Text Messages, Jokes and Quotations

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Since my inbox is now overflowing with text messages, I would like to share them with you. Here are some nursing text messages for you to enjoy:

1. From Mr. Jamon (my C.I during my duty at NCMH)
Nurses are not superhumans.
They read patient’s charts–not their minds.
They also have their own insecurities, problems, and difficulties in life.
They possess strength yet still, they are vulnerable. They know how to get hurt.
So in case your expectations to them become a little TOO high..
Think again…
Remember what the song ‘Superman’ says?
“..even heroes have the right to bleed..”

2. From Mich
A nurse is someone
who says toxic everytime,
who has limited rest days,
who carry tons of books,
who can eat as fast as 5 minutes…
But still manages t0
luk go0d..
and H 0 T..

3. From Monmon
Doing SEX
by Profession:
do it in
do it by
do it
do it w/
do it by

4. From Christian
How naughty & nice nurses can be?
>perform nipple rolling to promote c0ntraction.
>touch a guy’s private organ to insert
a catheter.
>perform internal
exam to dtermine
cervical dilatati0n.
.. & it’s all done
for the sake
of the patient care!
Datz h0w nuRses are!

5. From Aaron
I can be ur..
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag ka
nang mlngk0t.’
lithium carb0n8:
2 tel u ‘hinay
hinay lang.’
2 tel u ‘relax ka
2 tel u ‘ipaglalaban
2 tel u ‘0k lng
yan im hr 2 rliev
d pain.’
2 tel u ‘ingat ka
bt dnt w0ri,wla
ak0ng syd effect!ü^_^

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In a Psyche ward…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
afraid of the dogs... rarr!

afraid of the dogs... rarr!

A bored sadist, masochist, murdrer, necrophle, a zoophile & pyromaniac n a psychiatric ward:

hey y dnt we torture a cat?
Zoophile: yeah we’l trture a cat & thn fuck it!
Murderer: we’l trture a cat, fuck it & thn kill it!
Necrophile: we’l torture 8, fuck 8, kill 8 & fuck it agen!
Phyromaniac: yeah then we’l burn the cat! ..sudden silence..
then all asked the masochist “y u not say anything
Masochist: MEOW! (‘.’)


2 baliw gs2ng tmakaz sa mental h0spital:


baliw1: alm qna g2wn para mktkas tau
baliw2: pan0? Eh,nkapadl0ck ung gate.
Baliw1: un n nga eh! Ccrain ntn,kpg nxra n,mk2takas n tau
baliw2: o0 nga n0h?galing m0 tlga!tara n!
baliw1: pare! Malas!
Baliw2: oh bkt?
Baliw1: ndi nkal0ck ung padl0ck.ndi ntn mccra!ndi tau mkktakas!
baliw2: antanga m0 nman pare!edi il0ck ntn pra pde n ntng crain..!

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