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Reaction Paper on “Goodbye Mr. Chips”

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Honestly, at first when we were asked to watch this 1939 movie, I was like “its boring… black and white and never mind…” I actually had difficulty in finding an active downloadable file due to movie age. Watching through this film proved the above statement wrong.

The story line was simple, talked about a life of an elderly classics teacher, Mr. Chippings, looks back over his lengthy teaching tenure as his in his twilight years. The movie, Goodbye Mr. Chips provided a comprehensive look at one teacher’s life and love — from the disciplining of his students to the chance meeting of the love of his life on a mountaintop.

If I had to quote one line from this movie that I could ponder my reflection about t is this:

Chips: I do believe you’ve really meant it, too…Well, that I might be headmaster one of these days.
Katherine: My darling, you’re a very sweet person and a very human person and a very modest person. You have all sorts of unexpected gifts and qualities, so unexpected that you keep surprising even me with them. Never be afraid, Chips, that you can’t do anything you’ve made up your mind to. As long as you believe in yourself, you can go as far as you dream. Certainly you’ll be headmaster, if you want to.

After watching this movie, I realized that if you really wanted something great to happen in your life, you would achieve it as long as you put your every thing to it— time, effort, dedication, compassion and more. Having a dream and making a goal is one of the rare things that are free in this life and with that, we should DREAM BIG. We should not settle for some petty dreams because when you have achieved it, you will just stay in that state until you realize that you still wanted more than that but you don’t have anytime to pursue it.

Another point in the movie is, every one is entitled for improvement. Criticisms are both positive and negative depending on the way you look at it. Positive, when you make it as your inspiration to do more than is expected you to be and negative, when you let it into your system and hindered the realization of your dreams. There is always a chance to change and improvement is good not only for your self but also for the people around you.

Offering one’s life to service is one of the greatest things to do in this world. You can touch many people from generations to generations. Not all people will sacrifice their life just for the sake of the many. It is very heroic and courageous to do. Everyone wants to be remembered after they have gone to the after life and for sure, people who helped in their own little ways in his life deserved to be remembered just like Mr. Chips.

Being a teacher is a tough job because you need to deal with a lot of personalities. You need to be patient, you need to possess authority and most especially you need to be flexible as to the modern times today to be able to reach out to more people. Nevertheless, being a teacher allows you to have extended family because your students will become your children that would really touch your life and will make your life extremely meaningful.

It was indeed a heartwarming film about a teacher and his students. I also remembered the movie, The Dead Poets Society in this film. Goodbye, Mr. Chips may seem dated today to those who demand non-stop action, but as a leisurely paced character study, it still can hold its own.


This is one of my reaction paper for my Teaching Profession subject. Just in case you need it. Hehe 😀

01/01/10— LittleNars’ 2009 Year-Ender Post

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Ok, so I was planning to do a WIN+FAIL list of the year 2009 and post it in this blog but yeah, procrastination and laziness corrupted my being and so I just ended up with the draft of it (just had it written in a yellow sheet of paper). Ok this counts in my FAIL list. I am thinking of just scanning my draft but I changed my mind. I just wanted for this year-ender post to be a WIN one. Yeah, this is my [LittleNars’] year-ender post.

Twenty-O-Nine was indeed my year, A Year of Life Changing Events.

[NSFW]  JK :]  Read through if you want to continue and want to know why…

2009 started filled with FUN at the same time TOXIC (really, that’s the “term”) moments— for the reason that I was a graduating student trying to spend every quality time with friends as much as possible while at the same time, meeting the deadlines and requirements for school.

Massive Case Studies… Dreaded Case Presentations… Thesis major revisions… Hypovolemia-causing Thesis defense (epistaxis=nose bleed!!!)… Tremors-causing revalidas/return demonstrations… Intracranial Pressure-rising Monthly Nursing Audit examination… (OK, I bet stop <<<– now.)

Lots of sleepovers due to above, Oh… did I mention sleep? It was rather, sleepLESS. On the bright side, lots of times to bond— gossip about school people, talk about anything we can’t talk about at school, or just doing school stuff while enjoying the company of each other… (Seriously, we really don’t have time to chitchat at school)

After all those tough, hardcore moments, (here’s the best part) I can’t believe we still had time to P-A-R-T-Y!

The greatness of LORD to me this year have brought these blessings:

  • College Graduation at the early part of the year…
  • Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam and Oath Taking at the mid part of the year…
  • —-INSERT BUMMER MODE HERE—– at the mid to the “almost” end part of the year… (Mostly, spent Facebook-ing)
  • Enrolled myself on a “Teacher Certification Program” (Yes, you got it right. I haven’t blogged about that yet but hopefully soon) and Got in for a Nurse Training Program in one hospital at the end part of the year…

In between those “Life-Changing” events, I also have fulfilled simple/little things like attended some nursing seminars/trainings, registered for 2010 election, opened a savings account, gone hospital hopping/submitted resume, and earned something in my own little ways…

With all those achievements (not to brag), I also felt confused… I almost lose hope… I felt indecisive… I felt rejected… I felt my self-esteem has been drained out from me… I was depressed— the feeling of being useless ‘cause you’re unemployed and *insert all self-demeaning things here* …

But as each day passes, I realized that this was just a phase in my life that I have to surpass. As I rise, my family, friends and most especially, God, here I am now, facing my year 2010 with my chin up and a big smile. I realized that I shouldn’t rush things because there is a right time for everything in this world. Just believe. I believed.

2009 made me gain friends and miss some… made me “mature” (well, at least for me)… made me independent… made me more responsible…

I hope year 2010 will be an awesome and splendid year for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of my H-U-G-E 2009. I wouldn’t have finished living this year without you. :]


And Oh… If you want to check out my 2008 year-ender post click here, here, here and here. (yes, It’s 4 parts. LOL)

Let’s rock 2010!
May GOD Almighty Bless Us All!

2009—-Now Signing Off!

I actually am convinced not to make a year-ended post but this year definitely deserved one and I was inspired by my good friend’s year-ender post and so, there!:]

P.S Part II
Please don’t ask me of my 2010 wish. It’s still under construction. [Having troubles of envisioning my 2010. I really don’t know what’s going to happen] Let’s just all wish for God’s will to ensue! :]

With all hopes high,
Dianne Kristin G. Peña, R.N
(Feels sOOOOoooo good to type that… :])

P.S Part III
I stopped jumping already. LOL!

Manny Pacquiao VS Miguel Cotto: Victory Speech

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Every “Pacquiao” Day… Well, Pacquiao Fight day, My Mum and I will take advantage of the situation since everyone’s in their homes (or somewhere else) watching the fight. We would go to Divisoria or elsewhere to shop —but not today. I don’t know why. Anyway, here are some of the thoughts I have learned today:

  • Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao became a trending topic on Twitter both for Manny Pacquiao and Pacman
  • Just use “Pacman” instead when referring to Manny Pacquiao to avoid error. (Pacquiao is often misspelled) LOL
  • Listening to live radio stream and reading tweet updates is also fun (No commercial/Ads)
  • Manny Pacquiao is the first fighter to win seven world titles in as many weight classes (HISTORY again for FILIPINOS)
  • Pacquiao had an ear injury prior to his fight today. Used Tuba-Tuba to manage it. But he’s OK now — got it from the radio news
  • When you had the chance, PROMOTE 😀
  • When you want to escape, DANCE 😀

I am not a boxing fanatic, nor am a fan of Manny Pacquiao but I always see to it that I watch Manny’s victory speech/interview after. I even recorded it. Watch this:

Congratulations to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for winning! (WBO Welterweight Champion)
Another Pride and Glory for the Philippines
Kudos! 😀

I loved Miguel Cotto’s Tattoos 😀

10 Things LittleNars (Dianne) is THANKFUL OF…

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Since July 2009 (yes, after I passed the NLE), I’ve been meaning to make a blog post on the people, event, things that made me thankful for my life…I don’t know why I am finding it hard to write it. Anyway, In coordination with the National Thank You Day to be celebrated on October 20, 2009. Here is mine (trying my best).

10 Things LittleNars (Dianne) is THANKFUL OF..:

10. Destructors/Temptations/Pains
Well, Let’s say, you are one hell of a motivator for me. Enough said.

9. Little Angels
This goes to the random people who made my everyday as less stress and worry as possible. The person who washes and irons my uniforms and clothes, the jeepney driver who brought me safely to my destination, the owner of the canteen in which I ate frequently, the security guard for assisting me whenever I ask for directions etc., the person who offered me his seat at the LRT, my anonymous crush during the review (yeah, I didn’t got the chance to know his name. LOL), to those person who send text messages that made me smile and many more…

8. Technology
I never would have survived the stress and pressure that my academics and review proper brought me without the help of technology. Particularly the world wide web (blogging), which help me unload the most unbearable things, the TV series that I diligently follow and the music, which boost up my mood during travelling, sleeping and free time…

7. SMACC (St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City)
My High School Alma Mater, which helped me develop my comprehension and analytical skills. It reaaaally helped me a lot and I think, this has a big percentage that made me pass the 4 toxic years of BS in Nursing and most especially the Nursing Licensure Exam.

6. R.A GAPUZ Review Center
My Nursing Review Center (my mum’s choice though). Thank you for polishing my knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude as I take the Nursing Board Exam. Thank You for the tips and strategies you’ve given me. I also found new friends and made my stay there worthwhile.

5. Far Eastern University
My College Alma Mater, My training ground, my home. To the school, the administrators, the coordinators and my professors/clinical instructors… Thank you for teaching and leading me to the field that I have chosen— Nursing. Thank You for providing me the things that I need to be the great nurse that I envision it to be.


July 25: Rain of Blessings and of Tears…

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I can clearly remember that day… The weather was the same as now…
It was raining… Cozy… Gloomy…

July 25, 2009

Everybody’s texting, checking the web and online whether it’s on Facebook, Friendster, Multiply or YM…

I put my fone away where I can’t see nor hear it… I was offline(which rarely happen)… Instead, I went to my room, watched Lost where I can be far from all the anxious, stressed, nervous and toxic people saying news that IT IS ALREADY OUT…

I fell asleep… I was exhausted…

Then, Something woke me up, around 9PM… (maybe it’s my gut…)
I went to the other room and checked on my fone…
There were 30+ messages about THE RESULTS…
The long awaited has finally arrived…
As I’ve checked on it… There were 2 of my friends who congratulated me because I WAS ON THE LIST.


My heart was pounding (heeey, I need Amniodarone.)… My hands are stone cold and I was starting to grasp for air…
I checked it for myself, looked for my name with my sister, Roxanne…
and there I WAS…


I jumped like it was New Year… I felt Christmas in July… I shouted like there was no tomorrow…



This is the greatest birthday gift that I’ve ever received… (since my birthday is on July 27)

My sister and I went nuts— or should I say… I WENT NUTS. Complete state of EUPHORIA
Mama wasn’t there with me for she and my brother went out for a swim… (She actually got angry for I didn’t come… she didn’t understand what I was feeling… I felt it coming and so I didn’t join them…)

I was practicing before breaking her the news… I was actually practicing “Ma, ginawa ko naman lahat ng makakaya ko… pero wala talaga eh… gagalingan ko na lang sa susunod na exam… hindi ko nakita yung name ko eh…”

Oh well… It backfired. She already knew because my tita already told her. Mama called me and she was CRYING… Yes, CRYING because of HAPPINESS…


The rain indeed poured out blessings for those who made it, while for most, as the rain was pouring hard, tears simultaneously ran down their faces and their loved ones and I believe you know why…

I was saddened too for some of my closest friends were not on the list… and though I know what therapeutic communication is, I don’t know how to comfort and console them…

This is not to brag… Cry until your eyes fall out but rest assured, there will be a greater glory for you… It is hard and painful, I know, but the fight is not yet over, it will only be over when you give up and if you did give up, that is when you call yourself a LOSER because you see, every after the rain is a rainbow, and at the end of the rainbow is always a pot of gold.

So, cheer up my friend…

This is where you learn and this is when you will know how many your true friends are. I may seem to be far and seem not to care… I hope you know that I was giving you your personal space until your ready. I hope you know that I am always here for you… Never did I cease to pray for our success and I’ll continue to pray for it…

There is always a reason for everything and why this had happened, let us just trust HIS plan…  There is nothing to be shy or afraid of, it is not the number of takes you made… it is on how you will be the great nurse GOD has planned you to be… Don’t punish yourself, instead, find strength in yourself as God has always believed in you. One thing that I’ve learned from one TV Series that I watch… “Never allow other people to tell you things that you CANNOT do…”. Look at it as one hell of a motivation and move on…(sounds cliche but its indeed true…)

Keep up the good fight. I know you can do it because you are a FIGHTER… you are a WINNER

You were not left out, you’re plane hasn’t come yet… as you know here in the Philippines, flights are always delayed… LOL!

As one of the television ad said… “Never say die, there is always another day…”

This is not my thank you speech, I would just like to give a big hug to my friends out there who…. (well, I can’t say it myself… *sigh*). This is what I say when we were texting/chatting…

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