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Seriously on HIATUS.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The Blogger ME is seriously on HIATUS right now.

Im soooo sorry for that, my dear blog.

Anyways, I would like to Congratulate my new colleagues for making it out alive 😛 Welcome to the world of Registered Nurses where BUMs, Underemployment, Unemployment, Non-stop training, Job/Hospital Hunting and VOLUNTEERISM starts.

Pardon me for sounding a LITTLE Sarcastic but yes, that’s the sad reality. Nevertheless, enjoy the feeling till it last! ? Say hello to your names at the broadsheet and tarpaulins for some :]


*Will not post the list of passers, top-performing schools etc anymore. LAZY. Sorry. LOL ?*

I learned TLC :]

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Just an update… Will make this very short…

I have been a volunteer nurse for almost 2 months already and I am just gonna say, I am loving it. I am not allowed to tell you where I am assigned but it is such an honor to be where I am now.

At first I was like, “What will I going to learn there?” but then, as I go on duty, I am learning not on the nursing procedures etc but on how to care for the patient, how to be emphatic, how to be therapeutic and practice those 3 letters that we always say… TLC— Tender, Love and Care…

I will be assigned there for 3 months and then we’ll see where will I be assigned next.

Where I am now is very comfortable, I receive allowance (Not all volunteer nurse in Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center is receiving allowance) and enjoying free food. LOL :]

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