Germany: Travel Guides


Germany is a country which is rich in history, art, high society living, culture, and medieval towns. For most people, it is one of the countries listed on must-visit list. There are many young travelers who want to explore the beauty of German cities like Berlin. They want to live in a city full of great attractions, eat good food, and experience restless night life the city offers. If you are going to visit Germany for vacation, here are some important things that you need to know about the country.

Casinos in Germany

For those who are a fan of poker and other casino games, you may find Germany a good place to visit. The country offers casino games in over 50 gambling centers. Most casinos in Germany are located in Hamburg while the biggest casino can be found in Hohensyburg, Dortmund. If you are going to play at these casinos, you have to remember that they are very particular about maintaining a very strict dress code. For instance, Spielbank Baden-Baden, Casino Berlin & Forum Hotel Berlin, and Spielbank Aachen require men to wear a tie. There are some people who practice their poker skills by playing in websites like before hitting the tables. In this way, they can prepare themselves before entering a poker room. They can also download a mobile app that can be easily installed on their smartphones, making it more convenient for them to play poker even while on the go.

Food Exploration

The traditional German cuisine is rich and appetizing. It is as varied as its culture and people. Some people think that German food only includes sausages and sauerkraut. The truth is German cuisines are composed of healthy dishes prepared with the utmost care. Their cuisines also differ during the year because some fresh ingredients such as mushrooms and other vegetables grow during specific seasons. Burgermeister is a burger kiosk where people go when they are craving for burgers. For those who want to experience fine dining, they can visit some of Germany’s best high end restaurants like Reinstoff and Ganymed Brasserie. There are also restaurants in the country which offers specialty foods from other culture like Miss Saigon, which offers South Vietnamese dishes.

Natural Landscapes

Germany is also gifted with great mountains where travelers can climb to witness a spectacular view. The country is also famous for its rivers such as Danube, Moselle, Elbe, and Rhine where you can cruise and enjoy the picturesque beauty of century-old castles that are standing in many villages and cities. For people who are up for long hikes, they can prepare to be amused by the great forests in the country. Beach lovers will also find it relaxing to stroll along the coastline.